High purity gas series products

Non-corrosive Specialty Gases Up to grade 6.0This series is designed for laboratory analysis and research and development in the field of high-purity gases, high accuracy and reliability of the control equipment, diversification and ergonomic design, the basic cover different customer needs, simple operation and installation, will help improve your overall efficiency, the choice of the correct control equipment, air source to the point of use to ensure the purity of consistently.

Automatic switching panel
Automatic switching panel

High-pressure gas source can achieve automatic voltage regulator and switching functions,with exhaust gas evacuation and safety relief devices to ensure the purity and safety of gas supply,especially for high-purity gas use.

• Inlet pressure P1:200/300bar

• Outlet pressure P2:1/3/5/10/16/25/30/50/60 bar

• Flow Q:1-500(Nm3/h N2)


Pressure Control Panel
Pressure Control Panel

Can achieve high-pressure gas source automatic voltage regulator function, with exhaust gas evacuation and safety relief devices to ensure the purity and safety of gas supply, especially for high-purity gas use.

•  Inlet pressure P1: 200 / 300bar

• Outlet pressure P2: 1 / 3 / 5/ 10 / 16 / 25 / 30 / 50 / 60 bar

• Flow Q: 1 - 500 (Nm3 / h N2)

Cylinder  Regulators
Cylinder Regulators

Cylinder pressure applied to the occasion to meet voltage range and accuracy requirements of different pressures.

• Inlet pressure P1: 300bar

• Outlet pressure P2: 200 bar

• Flow Q: 100 (Nm3 / h N2)


Ultrahigh pressure regulators
Ultrahigh pressure regulators

For a variety of high-purity and ultra-high pressure situations, especially for high-voltage regulator tubes car use, piston regulator technology with excellent sensitivity and accuracy

• Inlet pressure P1: 700bar

• Outlet pressure P2: 0.5 - 690bar

• Flow coefficient CV: (0.12CV) (0.8CV) (2.0 CV)


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